Tea, tea sets and water selection steeping skills

1, senior green tea (bud tea), open-mouth thick-bottomed glass and 80 ℃ water optional steeping
  Brewing senior green tea with an open thick-bottomed glass can be observed in the cup of tea leaves sink and fall, tea buds like spring shoots arranged neatly, up and down opposite, the form is very beautiful, giving a visual beauty of enjoyment, a kind of poetry, so that the viewer has the desire to taste the cup of fragrant tea. In addition, also due to the senior green tea buds and leaves are relatively tender, high temperature boiling water or not easy to disperse the temperature of the tea set, easy to make the tender green buds and leaves become yellow, affecting the tea soup color, fragrance, taste. And glass cups heat transfer, heat dissipation is relatively fast, suitable for the steeping of young green tea. At the same time, the glass tea set is transparent, crystal clear, different forms, with glass tea, tea soup color green bright, tender and soft buds, tea buds in the steeping process of the ups and downs, buds in the process of soaking gradually stretch and other circumstances, can be seen, is a dynamic art appreciation. Especially for brewing all kinds of famous green tea, glass mist indistinct, clear and green, buds and leaves, pavilion, pleasing to the eye, a special flavor.
2, jasmine tea and cover bowl tea cup optional steeping
The ceramic bowl can partially cover the lack of shape and color of ordinary jasmine tea, but also to taste its aroma, with the ups and downs of the lid, jasmine and tea fragrance bursts out, so the bowl tea cup is more suitable for steeping jasmine tea.
3, high-grade oolong tea and purple sand tea set series of optional steeping
Because oolong tea leaves are coarse, after kneading do green, the leaves are broken, steeping after the leaves are fully stretched, the shape is not elegant, the color of the leaves is yellow-green, and no special beauty, and oolong tea requires higher water temperature steeping, and glass cups are easy to dissipate heat, can not effectively leach tea leaf contents, affecting the taste of tea soup. Therefore, with the glass cup steeping oolong tea is not suitable. And with the combination of purple sand teapot, smell cup, tasting cup to steep oolong tea is quite good. First with the purple sand teapot steeping oolong tea, oolong tea quality characteristics of the tea soup, and then the tea soup into the smell cup, the use of the smell cup incense characteristics, you can enjoy sniffing tea soup under the hot incense, warm incense, cold incense, elegant aroma is unforgettable, and then smell the tea soup in the cup into a small tasting cup, before tasting tea can also appreciate the color of the tea soup, and then taste the taste of tea soup. Similar to this kind of purple sand tea set, there are white porcelain series and other combinations, better play the aroma, taste, soup color quality characteristics of oolong tea, and disguise the lack of oolong tea leaf shape, leaf color.
  4, white porcelain teapots, long glass, shakers and bags of black tea, the combination of ice cubes to make bubble black tea
  The white porcelain teapot used and black tea tea soup color contrast is obvious, steeping tea is easier to grasp the degree of steeping, if the glass steeping, the temperature loss is too fast, affecting the leaching of inclusions, in addition to shaking the bag bubble tea in the glass is not an elegant thing. Bubble black tea is red and bright in the lower part of the tea broth, the upper foam white as snow, in the long glass is very pleasing to the eye. If the tea in the teapot for guests to drink is lost in the bubble black tea to color, taste quality characteristics of the characteristics.
  Through the above tea, tea sets, water options steeping introduction, help tea practitioners understand and master the art of tea tasting. Tea practitioners should be familiar with the quality characteristics of various teas, skillfully use the selection of tools, tea, water, full tea color, aroma, taste, quality characteristics of the shape, highlight the advantages, cover up the shortcomings, so that the production of tea soup appearance, taste, aroma rich and pleasant and color pleasing.

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