Glass teapots are hard to wash, especially the bottom. What's the trick?

The tannin in tea leaves exposed to air is oxidized and polymerized to form brownish-red tannin, and because these substances are insoluble in water, they gradually decompose and precipitate out from the tea leaves and cling to the cup walls, forming tea scale.

6 tips to get rid of it easily

The following tips use tools that are common and easy to take in life, which are simple and convenient to operate. Of course, the cleaning of glass teacups is mainly dependent on timely cleaning, tips are for reference only.
Use kitchen salt, the material is easy to take, safe and residue-free, using its rough texture can play a physical cleaning effect on tea scale.

Suitable for glass or porcelain cups with shallow cups, you can use tools such as toothbrushes and sponges, or you can directly have your hands, and finally rinse it off with water.

2、Baking soda


Toothpaste has a certain odor and cleaning tea cups directly may affect subsequent drinking. You can use it to clean the tea set.

Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on top of the tea set and use a cotton swab or your hand to apply the toothpaste evenly on top of the tea set. After a minute, then wash off the tea scum.


Vinegar contains acetic acid, which can react with carbonates, the main component of limescale that is insoluble in water, to produce salt that is tolerable in water. In addition, the acidic vinegar and alkaline tea scale will also have a neutralization reaction, thus cleaning tea scale.

When cleaning, pour some vinegar in the kettle and brush gently with a soft brush to make the vinegar fully contact with the tea stains, if there are still stubborn ones, you can slightly pour some hot water and continue to brush, after the tea stains disappear completely, rinse with water.

5、Potato peel

Potatoes are full of treasures, shredded potatoes are delicious, and potato skins are also useful.

Put the potato peel into a tea cup, add boiling water, cover and smother for 5 to 10 minutes, the starch in the potato will form a colloidal solution, with adsorption and decontamination, can clean the cup of tea scale.

6、Lemon peel

 The citric acid of lemon peel and tea scale will undergo acid-base neutralization reaction to achieve the purpose of tea scale removal.

Pour the lemon peel into the tea cup together with a small bowl of warm water and soak for 4~5 hours to clean off the tea scale. +Wei: "Tea as the Way", learn tea ceremony, tea art, tea ceremony, tea virtue, tea culture and more for free!

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