How to make Kung Fu tea

1. Nacha

When making Kung Fu tea, Nacha is also called "Please Jun Entering Urn". After heating the prepared tea set with boiling water, people take appropriate amount of tea leaves and put them directly in the tea set. The tea set occupies about 1/2 of the tea set.

2. Make tea

After putting tea leaves in the teapot, add water to the kettle to boil, remove the waste water from the house, after a while, you can let its temperature drop slightly in 1~2 minutes, and then flush the water from a high place to the bottom. In the tea set, you must let the water flow into the teapot along the edge of the teapot when flushing, and use the lid of the teapot to remove the upper layer of tea foam after flushing.

3. Drenching can and hot cup

The dripping pot and the hot cup are also two important steps for brewing Kung Fu tea. The so-called dripping pot refers to pouring the surface of the teapot with hot water so that the internal function of the heat can quickly volatilize the tea inside. Soup cup refers to blanching the prepared cup of tea with boiling water. This can increase the temperature of the tea set and wash away the floating dust on the surface of the tea set. In real Kung Fu tea, the posture of the hot back is particularly beautiful. Certain ornamental value.

4. Tea appreciation and tasting

Tea appreciation is also called sprinkling tea. It is the process of pouring the brewed tea into the cups. During the process of pouring tea, you have to pour it into each cup in turn. This is also called Guan Gong City Tour. Only in this way can the tea be uniformly colored. . After pouring the tea soup into the teacup, you can take it in your hand and smell the aroma of the tea, and then slowly make it cheaper. If you are tasting it with multiple people, you must say "please" to each other after picking up the teacup before you can start tasting. , Otherwise it will be considered impolite by the other party.

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