Half of China's Tea Culture-Tea pot

As the saying goes: If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. It is not an exaggeration to count tea sets as half of the tea culture. Drinking tea is not only tasting tea, but also a harmonious process of heart tea. There are many types of tea in China, with particular attention to color, aroma, taste and shape. Therefore, a series of utensils that can give full play to the tea materials of each lamp are needed, which makes Chinese tea sets splendid. In the whole process of making tea, the tea set is not only a vessel for holding tea, but also constitutes an indispensable part of Chinese tea culture.

According to different functions, we can divide commonly used tea utensils into the following six categories, namely, tea-making utensils, tea-distributing utensils, tea-tasting utensils, tea-preparing utensils, water-preparing utensils and auxiliary supplies. The choice can be selected independently according to the characteristics of the tea and personal preferences.

The commonly used tea for making tea has a teapot and a tureen.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set


Teapot: Mainly a container for making tea. The types of teapots include purple clay pots, porcelain pots, glass pots and so on.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set


Covered bowl: A tea set used to brew tea, also known as a Sancai cup. Three talents, heaven, earth and man. The top of the tea is called "Heaven", the bottom of the saucer is called "Earth", and the center of the bowl is called "People". Gaiwan is a display of the essence of the harmony between man and nature in Chinese tea culture.

Shengming Yipin @ Tea Dispensing Utensils--Gongdao Cup

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Fair cup

Fair cup: also known as tea cup, tea sea, mother cup. It is used to hold the brewed tea soup, and then pour it into each cup, so that the concentration of the tea soup in each cup is the same, the taste is the same, and the tea dregs can be precipitated at the same time. The fair cups are made of porcelain, purple sand, glass, etc. Some fair cups have a tea handle, some do not, and there are fair cups with filters.


Commonly used teas for tasting tea include a cup for tasting tea and a cup for smelling fragrance.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Tasting cup

Tea cup: Tea cup is also used to taste tea soup. There are three commonly used pinming cups, one is a white porcelain cup, one is a purple sand cup, and the other is a glass cup, which is convenient for viewing the color of the soup.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Scent Cup

Smell cup: An appliance used to smell the fragrance at the bottom of the cup. It is matched with the tea cup and has the same texture. Add a cup of pad to make a set of tasting cups. The smelling cup is mostly used when brewing high-scented oolong tea. Mainly made of porcelain, there are also purple sand with white glaze inside, and pottery smelling cups.

RORA TEA @ tea preparation utensils

The commonly used tea for preparing tea has tea lotus and tea cans.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Tea lotus

Tea lotus: The tea lotus function is similar to the tea rule and the tea drainer. It is a utensil for temporarily holding the dry tea taken out of the tea pot, but the tea lotus also has the function of enjoying tea.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Tea caddy

Tea tin: a tin for storing tea leaves. Common ones are porcelain cans, iron cans, paper cans, plastic cans, enamel cans, tin cans, and earthenware cans.

RORA TEA@ Water Preparation Equipment--Soak in Hand

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set


Soak at hand: The commonly used boiling water tool can be heated at any time to ensure the taste of the tea soup. Quickly brewing is the most commonly used and convenient tool for boiling water in modern tea brewing. Most Gongfu tea requires boiling water for brewing, and the "boiled water" in the water dispenser or large electric tea stove is generally only about 80°C, so the brewing of Gongfu tea is generally made by hand brewing to boil water.


Commonly used auxiliary devices for Kung Fu tea include tea ceremony utensils, tea trays, coasters, lids, pot holders, water bowls, strainer racks, strainers, tea knives, and tea towels.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Six Gentlemen of Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony Equipment Set: Also known as Six Gentlemen of Tea Ceremony, it is a collective name for the six tea-making tools of tea needles, tea holders, tea spoons, tea rules, and tea drains gathered in a tea tube.

Tea needle: unblock the spout to prevent clogging.

Tea clip: to warm the cup and when you need to take the tea cup for others, pick up the tea cup.

Teaspoon: Take tea leaves from the tea lotus or tea pot.

Tea rules: Measure dry tea from the tea pot.

Tea drain: put the tea into the spout to enlarge the spout area to prevent the tea from overflowing.

Tea Cylinder: Holds tea needles, tea clips, teaspoons, tea rules, and tea leaks.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Tea tray: A tray for holding tea cups and other tea utensils to hold the tea that flows out or is poured out during the tea making process. It can also be used as a plate for placing tea cups.

Coaster: also known as cup holder, used to place tea cups and smelling cups to prevent the water in the cup or bottom from splashing on the tea table, and to prevent the cups from wearing out.

Half of my country's Tea Culture-Tea Set

Lid: also known as lid holder, an appliance used to place the lid of the pot during the tea making process. It can prevent the lid from directly contacting the tea table and reduce the abrasion of the lid.

Pot holder: also known as the pot holder, it is a utensil specially used to place the teapot. It can take the boiling water splashing from the pot and keep the tea table clean.

Half of the tea culture-tea set

Water bowl: also known as tea bowl, waste water bowl. It is used to store boiling water and tea dregs in the process of making tea. The function is equivalent to a waste water bucket, a tea tray.

Half of the tea culture-tea set

Filter rack: An appliance used to place the filter.

Strainer: also known as tea drain, placed on the fair cup when making tea, used to filter the tea dregs.

Half of the tea culture-tea set

Tea knife: also known as Pu'er knife. The tea leaves used to pry the pressed tea is a special device for brewing pressed tea, and it is most commonly used in Pu'er tea.

Tea towel: also known as tea cloth, used to wipe the water stains and tea stains on the tea set during the tea making process, especially the water stains and tea stains on the side and bottom of teapots, tea cups, etc.

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