What kind of tea can be used for cold brewing tea?

Cold brewing tea is a way of brewing tea suitable for summer, that is, brewing tea with cold water, or brewing tea with hot water and waiting to cool and refrigerate for drinking. So, which teas are suitable for cold brewing?

What kind of tea can be used for cold brewing tea? Including green tea, oolong tea, white tea, rose tea, jasmine tea, etc., all suitable for cold brewing tea. Pay attention to the tea used for cold brewing, it is best to choose a new tea. The cold-brewed tea should not be stored for too long, and try not to drink it after more than 8 hours. Cold brew tea taken out of the refrigerator in summer, it is recommended to drink it within 2 hours. If you want a better taste, the water for cold brewing tea is preferably purified water or mineral water

Most of the cold brewed teas basically reach saturation in 6-8 hours, and the flavor of the tea will gradually decrease after continuous refrigeration. And some green tea and oolong tea with better aroma have the best flavor for a longer time. Generally speaking, it is recommended that cold-brewed tea be cold-brewed within 8 hours.

Cold-brewed tea has a longer steeping time, and the tannins and caffeine in the tea are released slowly, so it can be brewed repeatedly after placing the tea once. However, because cold-brewed tea generally has a long soaking time, the taste of the tea soup has reached saturation during this time, so in terms of taste, it is recommended that cold-brewed tea leaves be brewed once.

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