What’s the difference between Gongfu tea and Kungfu tea

The Gongfu tea ceremony or Kung fu tea ceremony (Chinese: 工夫茶 or 功夫茶), is a type of Chinese tea ceremony, involving the ritual preparation and presentation of tea.

Gongfu Cha (literally, “Kung Fu Tea”) is a traditional Chinese term that refers to brewing tea with discipline and skill. The term “gongfu” or “kung-fu” does not refer to any tea-related martial arts, but refers to such things as effort, skill, and art, which translates well to this unique ceremony. Instead of being a type of tea, Gong Fu Cha is a way of brewing the tea.

One needs a few things to get started on the gongfucha path: great tea, water and particular vessels such as a gaiwan, a small clay or porcelain teapot, a sharing pitcher, and small tasting cups, all often arranged on a tea table. The practice of Kongfu martial arts requires intense deliberation, focus, mindfulness and repetition to develop skill. The Gongfu Cha tea arts carries a similar gravity and intensity.

Arguably the most important tool for making kung fu tea is the teapot. The best teapots are unglazed clay teapots made from special "Yixing Clay" from Yixing County, Jiangsu Province, China. There are three types of this clay that affect the color of the teapot: purple, red and green. The porosity of these teapots and their heat-treating properties means they are superior to glass, porcelain and glazed teapots. However, the main disadvantage is that one teapot can only be used to brew one type of tea, and Yixing teapots are usually quite expensive. Over time, the Yixing teapot absorbs the flavor of the tea, enhancing the tea drinking experience. High-fire teapots with thinner and finer clay are best for green, white, and oolong teas, while small-fire teapots with thicker, porous clay are best for pu-erh and black teas.

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Of course a tea pet is also essential, usually made from the same clay as a Yixing teapot, is fun to have. One kind of "tea pet" is a "tea boy". Prior to the tea ceremony, he is soaked in cold water. Hot water poured over him during the tea ceremony will make him "pee". Traditionally these 'pets' are classical Chinese figurines, such as a Dragon, Lion Turtle, or Toad, and are used as a receptacle over which the wasted tea is poured, usually to develop a patina. The following are RORA Tea Pets, they are waiting for you to choose.

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