Tea set use and introduction

First, teapot: a common utensil used to make tea, mostly made of porcelain, purple sand or glass. The purple clay teapot has the characteristics of good air permeability, good heat preservation performance, and absorption of tea juice. It is often used for brewing oolong tea and Pu'er tea.
Second, the lid: also known as the lid holder, an appliance used to place the lid of the pot during the tea making process. It can prevent the lid from directly contacting the tea table and reduce the abrasion of the lid.
Third, the pot holder: also known as the pot holder, it is a utensil specially used to place the teapot. It can hold the boiling water splashed from the pot and keep the tea table clean, usually with purple sand, pottery, porcelain and other textures. It can be used with pots of the same material, and can also be combined at any time.
Fourth, the tea tray: the tea tray, also known as the tea boat, is a shallow-bottomed vessel for holding teapots, cups, tea ceremony groups, and tea pets. Wide range of materials and diverse styles.
Fifth, smelling cup: for smelling fragrance, it is slenderer than pinming cup, and more than pinming cups. It is generally used for brewing oolong tea. Hold the fragrance cup between the palms of both hands, close to the nostrils, and smell the fragrance while rubbing it.
Sixth, tea cups: tea cups, used to taste tea soup, there are three commonly used tea cups, one is a white porcelain cup, one is a purple sand cup, and the other is a glass cup, which is convenient for viewing the color of the soup.
Seventh, cover the bowl: the tea set used to brew tea, also known as the three talented bowl, three talents, heaven, earth, and people. The tea cover is on the top, the so-called "heaven", the saucer is on the bottom, it is called the "earth", and the bowl is in the middle, which is called the "person". When the bowl is covered, the essence of the harmony between man and nature in Chinese tea culture is displayed.
Eighth, the fair cup: also known as the sea of ​​tea or tea cup, it is an appliance used to divide tea. After brewing with tea leaves, you can pour the tea soup into the fair cup to make the tea evenly, and then distribute it to the guests evenly. In this way, the concentration of each cup of tea can be made uniform, reflecting a kind of equality.
Ninth, tea lotus: a utensil used to hold dry tea to be brewed, used to place tea, and can also be used to enjoy tea. The shape of the tea lotus is dominated by a hemisphere with an opening, and the texture is mostly porcelain.
Tenth, tea cans: utensils used to store dry tea. The main function is to prevent the deterioration of tea leaves and the volatilization of tea fragrance. In terms of texture, there are generally iron, tin, ceramics and so on.

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