How to use a glass teapot

n modern times, glassware has developed greatly. The glass is transparent. The gloss is eye-catching. The shape is plasticized, the shape is different, the use is wide. Use glass tea to make tea, tea soup, delicate and soft tea, no fun. Next, let's take a look at the cup of the glass tea set. Glass tea set with tea steps, temperature pot. Wash boiling water into the pot and clean the pot and the teapot while cleaning the pot and lining. For a warm cup, use the water in the jar to warm the cup, and after clamping the cup with tea leaves, it will pour the warm powder water into the waste water. Enjoy dry tea directly from the tea tank to the tea lotus. From the owner to the guests to watch the tea and hear the tea. Add tea, in the padding in the tea, the tea is determined according to the number of guests. How to use a glass health jar. Do not use without water in the pot. After using the boil, put healthy materials or flowers, and then stir with stirring. If there is sugar, please stir the sugar solubility to avoid sinking to the bottom, causing damage to the glass bottom and black color. If you don't drink tea, put the healthy pot in the refrigerator. Please stir before heating again, after waiting for room temperature. Then stopper and heat before stirring and boil so that it can prevent the adhesive from the bottom of the jar. This pot can not cook powder and mushy food, examples: tahini, black bean powder, yam powder, coffee, milk powder, soy milk, porridge, etc., so as not to protect the pot and cause damage. When using a healthy tank to boil water, the water level of the tank is less than one-fourth, and it has the function of automatically turning the light and disconnecting. If you add other healthy materials or pictures, there is no automatic power-off function.

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