Can cold brewed tea be stored in the refrigerator overnight?

Brew a large pot of cold-brewed tea, put it in the refrigerator, pour it when you want to drink it, and add cold boiled water after drinking, so that a tea can be drunk for a long time. About the storage time of cold brewed tea, today RORA will tell you the answer.

Some people say that it is best not to drink tea overnight. This is actually an outdated statement, because there was no such thing as a refrigerator in the past, or few people could afford it, and the sealing technology was not as good as it is now. After a night, various microorganisms will grow rapidly in the humid and hot environment, and finally be drunk into the stomach.

But it is different now. Whether it is hot tea or cold tea, as long as it is well sealed and preserved, it will basically not breed microorganisms such as mold. Can cold brewed tea be refrigerated overnight? As long as the interval is not too long, you can drink it. Generally, it is recommended not to drink for 24 hours or at most 48 hours.

Of course, if you are really reluctant and want to soak again after 48 hours, as long as there is no odor, it is normal to drink a little taste, you will not have stomach upset after drinking, and there is basically no major problem, you can continue to soak and drink. But normally, cold brewed tea has been refrigerated in the refrigerator, and the flavor will continue to decline, so there is no need to keep it for a long time.

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