How to develop a "spiritual" tea pet?

Anyone who loves tea will more or less have a few small elephants, small turtles, toads, pixiu, pigs and other small objects with auspicious meanings on the tea table. This is the tea pet.

What is a tea pet? As the name suggests, it is something nourished with tea.

People who like to drink tea will take good care of their tea pets. When drinking tea, smear or drip with tea soup. If you insist on drinking tea for a long time and raise your tea pet, it will become warm and pleasant, and the tea fragrance will overflow. If a lifelike tea pet is not carefully cared for, it will only be a dull piece of ceramics.

Not only that, some tea pets have a very high collection value, especially the hand-made tea pets have a lot of room for promotion after being collected. Some tea pets will change color, and some will produce interesting phenomena of spitting and spraying water after pouring hot water. So, how does a "spiritual" tea pet develop?

How to raise tea pets

1. Newly raised tea pets can be raised in two ways: artificial "fermentation" and natural "fermentation": artificial fermentation means throwing the newly raised pet in a tea bucket, brewing it for 2-4 days according to your own preferences, and then taking it out. , naturally can achieve rapid draught. Natural fermentation can only take time to gradually form an effect;

2. In the process of raising, just water with tea, do not use white water. This will make it feel warm and smooth to the touch;

3. In daily maintenance, it needs to be cleaned with a brush every day, and regularly rubbed with tea cloth to keep it shiny to a certain extent. When pets spit bubbles, it is easy to see things when they open their eyes;

4. Generally, the shape is moderate, not too large, because most of the body should also be used to store water;

5. It doesn't matter if the pet is flowered, if it is dark color, you can soak it in boiled Pu'er tea or black tea and wipe it dry, it can be relieved or solved after repeated several times; if it is light color, you can try green tea or scented tea;

6. Tea pets are not only able to be raised with Pu'er tea, mainly because the quality of Pu'er tea is easy to produce results;

7. Keeping a tea pet requires diligent hands (I mean you can't just soak it without playing, the concept of playing is that one should always wipe it with a soft cloth that does not lint; the second is to rub it in your hands; the third is to pour hot tea).

Taboos of keeping tea pets

1. Many people keep tea pets, and they usually use leftover tea for drenching, but they can't always use leftover tea to brew. After long-term moisturizing and care, its color will be slowly released, and the surface will show a subtle and soft matt color.

2. Can not soak. Keeping tea pets can't always use leftover tea to make tea. It is best to gently brush with a pen while drinking tea. Although it is fast to raise pets, the effect is not good. It is easy for a discerning person to distinguish, and tea pets also need to breathe;

3. Do not change the tea. If conditions permit, it is best to use one type of tea to raise tea pets, so that the color of tea pets will not be impure due to contact with tea of different textures.

The meaning of tea pet


It means wise and ignorant, kind and gentle, and indifferent to the world.


Round, lovely purple sand little feet, there is a spider on the foot. It is a homonym of "spider" and "foot", which means contentment and happiness


One of the biggest characteristics of tortoises is "longevity". Taking tortoises as tea pets has the good wish of longevity. Moreover, "turtle" and "return" are homophonic, which means returning home, reunion and happiness. At the same time, the turtle also has the meaning of wealth, good luck, and wealth.

Each type of tea pet has its own unique meaning, some of which are meant to attract wealth, some represent good luck and well-being, some have cultural charm, and some are childish, cute and funny... The meaning of tea pets also represents With the mind of tea people.

The tea pets represent the beliefs of the tea drinkers. When the tea pets are poured, the tea drinkers are imagining, thinking and figuring out the tea. Over time, the tea pets that have been polished to a warm, smooth and lustrous color are also traces of the tea people's thoughts.

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