Kung fu tea set automatic glass creative tea maker Palace light tea green tea infuser

Innovative design
Green appearance: The palace lamp is unique in shape, retro yet modern, and the green color is fresh and natural, which adds a unique beauty and artistic atmosphere to the tea set.
Automatic function: The automatic tea brewing function makes the tea brewing process more simple and convenient, especially suitable for users with fast pace of modern life.
2. Quality material
High borosilicate glass: has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, safe to use and not easy to break, transparent material is also convenient to observe the tea soaking state.
Environmental protection and health: The glass material does not contain harmful substances, ensuring the health and safety of the tea brewing process.
3. Versatility
Automatic tea brewing: Automatically control the brewing time and water amount through the button or induction to ensure that the concentration of tea is consistent each time, convenient and time-saving.
Suitable for a variety of tea: not only suitable for kungfu tea, but also for other types of tea, such as green tea, flower tea, etc., a pot of multi-purpose.
4. Easy to use
Automatic operation: The automatic tea brewer reduces the complex steps of manual operation, making tea brewing easier, especially suitable for people who do not have much tea brewing experience.
Easy to clean: The glass material and automated design make cleaning more convenient and can be kept clean with a simple rinse.
5. Combine modern technology with tradition
Innovative technology: The application of modern automation technology to traditional tea art not only retains the traditional charm of tea culture, but also improves the efficiency and convenience of tea brewing.
Intelligent control: Some high-end models may come with intelligent control functions to control the brewing process through your phone or other devices, bringing a more modern user experience.
6. Combine aesthetics with practicality
Strong ornamental: transparent glass material and palace lamp shape make the tea set have high ornamental value when used, suitable for display and use at home or office.
Strong practicality: Automatic tea machine is not only beautiful, but also very practical, can meet the daily tea needs, improve the quality of life.
Sum up
This kung fu tea set automatic glass creative tea maker, palace lantern tea green tea infuser is a beautiful, practical, innovative in one of the modern tea set. It not only retains the essence of traditional tea culture, but also improves the convenience and consistency of tea brewing through modern technology, which is very suitable for users who pursue high-quality life and love tea culture.

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