How much do you know about the historical background of Shaode porcelain?

Shaode porcelain is a kind of porcelain in China's Ming Dynasty, mainly produced during the Zhengde period (1506 to 1521 AD), which belongs to the Ming Dynasty Guan kiln porcelain. The following is the historical background of Shaode porcelain:

The boom period of imperial kiln porcelain: The Ming Dynasty was one of the heydays of Chinese porcelain making, and the imperial kiln porcelain reached the peak of production skills during this period. In the Zhengde period of the Ming Dynasty, as an important period in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, the production of Guan kiln porcelain reached a high level and produced a series of high-quality porcelain, including Shaode porcelain.
Special background of Zhengde Period: Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty was the reign of Emperor Wuzong Zhu Houzhao, the country's politics was relatively stable, the economy was prosperous, and the culture and art were developed. In this context, the production of Guan kiln porcelain has also been further developed and prosperous.
High quality of imperial kiln porcelain: The production of imperial kiln porcelain has certain particularity, which is mainly directly managed and supervised by the court, so there are strict standards and requirements in the selection of porcelain clay, the ratio of glaze, and the firing process, so the output of porcelain quality is very high.
Characteristics of Shaode porcelain: Shaode porcelain is characterized by green glaze, hard body, blue and white painting exquisite and delicate, usually with flowers, landscapes, figures and other themes as the theme, with elegant and dignified style, known as the treasure in the Ming Dynasty.
To sum up, Shaode porcelain, as a kind of official kiln porcelain in Ming Dynasty, is one of the high-quality porcelain produced in Zhengde period of Ming Dynasty. It has important historical and artistic value, and has left precious cultural heritage for later generations.

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