Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony, originating from China, is an art that emphasizes etiquette, spirituality, and aesthetics. Through the process of making and drinking tea, it reflects reverence and insight towards nature, life, and human emotions. In Japan, the tea ceremony is called "sado" or "chado" and has become a beloved cultural tradition.

Tea ceremony pursues not only the quality of the tea but also the joy and inner peace expressed through the art of tea. In the world of tea ceremony, every step is an art, from preparing the tea utensils, lighting the charcoal fire, brewing the tea, to tasting it, each movement embodies profound meanings and connotations.

Firstly, preparation is crucial. The arrangement of tea utensils, the temperature of the water, the selection of tea leaves, all require meticulous preparation. This is not only to ensure the quality of the tea but also a sign of respect and courtesy to the guests.

Secondly, lighting the charcoal fire and boiling water are indispensable processes in the tea ceremony. This step requires careful operation to ensure the water is at the right temperature, allowing the tea leaves to fully release their aroma and flavor. At the same time, lighting the charcoal fire is also a ritual, symbolizing the tranquility and peace between smoke and fire.

Next, the brewing process requires attentiveness and patience. Pouring water, adding tea leaves, and stirring need to be done with the right amount of force and rhythm to ensure the tea leaves' aroma is perfectly released. This immersive experience brings about a sense of calmness and serenity.

Finally, tea tasting is the most ceremonial part of the tea ceremony. Through smelling and tasting, one can experience the fragrance and flavor of the tea, and appreciate its charm and mood. This is not only a form of enjoyment but also a way to gain insights into life and show reverence for nature.

In conclusion, the tea ceremony is not just a way of drinking tea but also an attitude towards life and cultivation. It teaches people how to appreciate life, how to treat nature with emotion, and how to respect others with etiquette. The tea ceremony is an art and a philosophy of life, transmitting love for life and awe for the world through everyday trivialities.

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