What kind of green tea is best to drink?

Green tea is the tea variety with the longest history in my country. It does not need to be fermented when making tea, so it better retains the natural nutrients and flavor, and is loved by many tea lovers who pay attention to health care. So what are the varieties of green tea? Let RORA give you a detailed introduction below.

Varieties of Green Tea

1. Biluochun

Biluochun is one of the more popular varieties of green tea. It originates from the Dongting Mountains of Taihu Lake, Jiangsu Province. It has a history of more than 1,000 years. Every spring, fresh and tender tea leaves are picked for frying. It is famous for its four points of taste. The finished tea leaves are fragrant when brewed, and the taste is fresh and sweet in the mouth.

2. West Lake Longjing

West Lake Longjing is one of the most famous teas in China, and it is also a unique green tea. It has been more than 1,200 years ago. According to the production area, it is divided into five categories: lion, dragon, cloud, tiger and plum. Among them, the most valuable is lion. , The finished tea is famous for its green color, fragrant, sweet taste and beautiful shape, and has the reputation of national tea.

3. Lushan Yunwu Tea

Lushan Yunwu Tea was originally a wild tea, and was gradually domesticated as a home tea. Although it has only existed for a hundred years, it is still one of the famous tea series in my country with the characteristics of beautiful strands, fragrant and sweet taste, and clear soup color. The best Yunwu tea is produced in Lushan, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province.

4. Enshi Yulu

Enshi Yulu is made by the most traditional steaming process in China. It is produced in Enshi, Hubei Province. It has won the title of the most influential regional public brand of agricultural products in China, and is also a national geographic label protection product. The finished tea has a round and smooth appearance and a green tea color There are pekoe to get Yulu, and the tea soup is sweet and refreshing after brewing.

5. Lu'an Guapian

Lu'an Guapian originated from the Dabie Mountains in Lu'an, Anhui Province. It was called the top-grade tea and the best tea in the Ming Dynasty. It became the court tribute tea in the Qing Dynasty. It is also the only tea variety without buds and stalks in the world. After brewing, the tea is in the shape of melon seeds, and the taste is fresh and sweet.

6. Other varieties

There are many varieties of green tea. In addition to the delicious varieties listed above, there are also Emeishan tea, Xinyang Maojian, Taiping Houkui, Huangshan Maofeng, Anji white tea, Duyun Maojian tea, Yangtian snow green, Mengding tea, Chung tea. Xihuoqing, cactus tea, Tianshan green tea, Baima Maojian, Guanshan Yunwu and many other varieties.

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