The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea Every Day for Your Body

Drinking green tea may also help reduce your risk of heart disease, according to the same study. Similarly, the Japanese study also found that people who consumed five or more cups of green tea daily had lower risks of having a stroke or heart attack, and 15% fewer deaths. According to the study, published in The Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers found that subjects consuming five or more cups of green tea per day were less likely to have hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes, or die of cardiovascular disease or stroke.

This study indicates that drinking four cups of green tea a day can aid weight control, and can help prevent high blood pressure in diabetic patients. The results indicate that drinking four cups of green tea daily decreased the body weight, waist size, and systolic blood pressure in these patients []. In a study conducted on patients suffering from ovarian cancer in China, researchers found that women who consumed at least one cup of green tea daily lived longer than those who did not consume green tea.

In one very large study, researchers found that drinking tea, whether it is green tea or another kind, was not associated with reduced risk for breast cancer. One study found that, overall, coffee and some types of tea, including green tea, decreased risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Studies have shown this type of tea may also help lower blood pressure, triglycerides, and total cholesterol. 

Lowering cholesterol levels can be achieved by drinking green tea, since it is found to lower the level of cholesterol in your blood. Green tea is particularly high in flavonoids which may aid to improve your heart health by lowering the levels of bad cholesterol and reduce the blood clotting. Green tea also increases your bloods antioxidant capacity, protecting your LDL particles from oxidation, which is part of the pathway to heart disease (47, 48).

Studies suggest green tea can improve several major cardiovascular risk factors, including improving overall cholesterol and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels (46). Several studies suggest green tea may help lower body fat, particularly in the abdomen area ( 52, 53 ). The catechins in green tea are thought to be a major cause of better oral health, since green tea triggers the natural inflammatory response of the body against bacteria caused by periodontal diseases.

If you are feeling particularly crabby, or if you are having trouble paying attention, try drinking a cup of green tea to help bring your mental health back into balance. Four cups of green tea might have you running for the restroom, but you may be able to reap the same benefits by drinking one cup of matcha, which is made with the leaves of green tea grounds and is said to have the same amount of nutrients as 10 cups of regular green tea.

In fact, researchers estimate the incidence of heart attacks drops 11 percent when consumed with three cups of the tea a day. In fact, one study published in 2016 combining data from a number of earlier reports found that there was nearly a 20% decrease in heart attack risk and a 35 percent decrease in stroke risk in people drinking between one and three cups of green tea a day. 

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