Make tea quietly by yourself, enjoying every step of the entire tea making process

I like quietness,

I enjoy making tea quietly by myself and enjoying every step of the entire process.
Plain, nothing bad. Silence adds a sense of observing the world.
On a spring morning, it's a bit refreshing, with soft music playing in the room and lazily lying on the sofa. I really like this feeling.
Someone asked me why I like tea so much.
I said, because I like the feeling of tea, it's a wonderful feeling
In the world of tea, I enjoy enjoying every dish and the impact of brewing tea on different taste sensations, allowing me to fully experience the various changes in tea.
Someone asked me, what is good tea?
I told him that as long as you like it, it's good tea. Every type of tea is good tea
In fact, life is like this, what you like is good. Different people have different tastes, and I think it's good. You don't necessarily think so, just like other people's methods, what suits others may not necessarily suit you. Otherwise, even if one thinks it's good, when using the same thing and method, the results will also be different.
Someone asked me, how should I choose tea?
I told him that it mainly depends on what kind of tea he wants. If you don't have a definite conclusion and blindly follow, it often makes it easy for you to get lost. People, first of all, look at themselves clearly. Only by seeing themselves clearly can they understand what they need and what is suitable for them. Everyone faces choices, so when they haven't made a decision, it's better to take a step back and think about what they should want.
I like tea, the inclusiveness of tea, the wisdom of tea, the nature of tea
Don't force yourself to do anything, think quietly, and be lenient in your thinking
Quiet, tea, contemplation, and enlightenment
Meditation, enlightenment, observing others, observing oneself, observing the mind... great freedom
Tea ceremony has also been completed

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