How to store green tea best? 5 Ways to Store Green Tea

Green tea is the oldest type of tea in my country, and it is also the type of tea that is most exposed to in life. It is widely distributed and has many types. However, unfermented green tea has a short shelf life in the production process, and has high environmental requirements during storage. So how to preserve green tea best? Follow the editor to find out.

How to store green tea best?

1. Avoid high temperature:  

Green tea is not fermented when making tea, so the tea retains its original taste to the greatest extent. When storing it at home, put it in a sealed container and keep it at room temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will accelerate the volatilization of chlorophyll in green tea. Degradation, the tea leaves will change from the original bright green to dark brown, and the inner quality of the tea leaves will begin to change.

2. Avoid light

The texture of green tea is crisp and tender. When unpacked green tea is stored at home, it is best to pack it in a colorless transparent glass container, ceramic jar or plastic bag. It must be an opaque container. Such substances are prone to chemical reactions when exposed to light, the tea leaves will change color, and at the same time produce a sun-dried and stale taste.

3. Avoid odors

After a series of tea-making processes, green tea has a water content of less than 5%, and the tea itself is a porous body, which is easier to absorb surrounding odors. Put it away from the source of odor, and avoid placing it with kitchen spices, perfumes and other items.

4. Avoid oxygen

Green tea leaves retain the endoplasm of many fresh leaves and are rich in tea polyphenols, and tea polyphenols are a powerful oxidant, so the tea itself is easier to be oxidized, and the oxidized green tea is brewed after contact with oxygen. The color of the tea soup will become dark yellow, and the original fragrance of green tea will be lost.

5. Avoid moisture

The surface of green tea leaves has a lot of breathing holes, and the contained substances also contain more hydrophilic compounds, so it is extremely easy to absorb moisture and return to moisture. Once the water content in the tea leaves exceeds 8%, the rate of deterioration of green tea leaves will be accelerated. Tea can breed bacteria and microorganisms, and even mildew, it is best to store it in a dry and ventilated environment.

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