How to make a good cup of tea? These five points are important

Can you make tea?

This is a question that is often talked about, and many old tea people tend to scoff at it. It is a trivial matter such as making tea, just like it, so do you need to talk so much?

Words do not need to be wasted, but timely reminders and sharing are necessary.

Not to mention that although many people have already mastered the housekeeping skills of making tea, they often ignore the bad habits of making tea that they have unknowingly solidified over time; Saying, taking a lot of words to talk about it, it is still needed.

We often in tea shops or tea houses, after watching the boss or tea master make a smooth operation, a good cup of tea is placed in front of us.

When it was his turn to operate, the brewed tea always seemed to be out of state, not on the same level at all.

The so-called, easy to say, difficult to do, this is the truth.

How can we brew a good cup of tea? Please note the following four points.

First, prepare enough before making tea.

Forewarned is forearmed, without prejudging the waste. Before making tea, you should make adequate preparations including preparing tea and water, cleaning the tea utensils, etc., especially pay attention to calm your mind and throw away all unhappy emotions.

What needs to be explained here is that many people often overlook a point, or say they are lazy. In addition to the necessary cleaning, the tea utensils also need to be scalded with boiling water, which helps to wake up the tea and stimulate the fragrance of the tea.

I remember that before a famous Hong Kong master made tea, he put the purple clay pot on the mouth of the iron pot, so that the steam can directly warm the pot when boiling water.

Second, choose the right tea set.

As the old saying goes, tea is the king, and utensils are the minister.

For the ruler and his ministers to be harmonious, they must have the same temperament.

If you don't use the right tea, you may waste a good tea. For example: brewing green tea with a purple clay pot, brewing oolong tea with a glass... etc. These are typical incompatible temperaments.

Therefore, when making tea, you should choose a matching tea utensil according to the characteristics of the tea leaves and the characteristics of the tea utensils. For example, oolong tea is suitable for lid cups or purple clay pots, green tea is suitable for glass cups, black tea is suitable for special black tea utensils... If you feel troublesome, you can't prepare so many at home. Tea set, you can choose to cover the cup.

The lid cup is a general-purpose tea utensil, and all kinds of oolong tea, white tea, dark tea, green tea, black tea, etc. can be brewed with the lid cup to brew their own color and fragrance.

Third, control the amount of tea.

The optimal amount of tea should be determined according to the number of people drinking tea at a time, or according to the existing tea utensils.

At present, the common tea packaging on the market is actually set according to the daily amount of tea. For example, oolong tea is generally 7.5g-8g, black tea 5g, Pu-erh tea 5g...

If you have tea sets with different capacities in your hands, you should choose an appropriate amount of tea sets according to the number of people drinking tea at a time, and the amount of tea poured should also increase accordingly.

For example, when five or so people drink Pu-erh tea at a time, it is better to use a medium-quality teapot, and the amount of tea can be increased to 7 grams at a time; and when seven or eight, or even a dozen people drink it together, you can consider using a large-quality teapot. Pot, the amount of tea can be increased to 8 grams, or even 10 grams.

Fourth, master water injection skills.

There is an old saying in the tea industry, incense depends on the rush, and the soup needs to be hung. It is talking about the influence of mastering certain water injection skills on the aroma and taste of tea soup.

Different water injection methods mean different water impact forces, which will affect the water temperature, aroma and the precipitation speed of the contained substances. Classics such as "Phoenix nodding three times", with the three highs and three lows of water flow, the amount of water injected is also three thick and three thin, which well controls the fusion of tea and water flow.

Fifth, pay attention to the soup time.

After filling the water, it is equivalent to everything is ready, just owe the east wind, and wait for the soup to taste.

Generally speaking, the time of making soup increases with the increase of brewing times. For good tea, in fact, the first three brews, or even the first four brews, do not need to sit in a cup. By following the normal brewing method, the tea can be brewed normally. soup.

Here is a little trick, you can observe the bubbles on the edge of the bowl, or the color of the tea soup. When the bubbles burst, the soup can be produced. The color of the tea soup is almost the same, and the soup can also be produced.

As the saying goes, details make or break.

Pay attention to these five points when drinking tea, and practice diligently on weekdays, which will help improve your tea brewing level and truly brew a cup of delicious tea.

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