Do you know the origin of tea

China is the first country to discover and utilize tea trees, known as the motherland of tea, written records show that our ancestors had begun to cultivate and utilize tea trees more than 6,000 years ago.

Origin of tea

Tea originated in China, and tea was first used as a sacrifice. The origin of tea comes from ancient Chinese legends.  Everyone is familiar with the story of the ShenNong family in ancient times and the story of ShenNong tasting a hundred herbs.  Shen Nong is a knowledgeable scholar, but also an experienced botanist.  According to legend, one day ShenNong set up a pot to boil water to drink under a tea tree. A few young leaves floated into the pot. The water in the pot was clear and delicious, full of fragrance.

Tea development

Western Zhou Dynasty, Eastern Zhou Dynasty: Before 3000, tea trees were cultivated artificially for food.

Qin Dynasty: Before 2300, it began to be used as tea, boiled, and souped.  And for medicinal purposes.

Han Dynasty: Tea appeared as a culture in the Jin and Northern Dynasties.

(Western Han Dynasty) Before 2000, commercialization began, and Chengdu became the earliest distribution center for tea in my country.

(Eastern Han Dynasty) Around 1500, tea cakes began to be made for transportation.

Tang Dynasty: Before 1200, affected by the economy and culture of the Tang Dynasty; the advocacy of Lu Yu's "Tea Classics"; the influence of the life of monks and Taoists and the absorption of tea teachings, the climate conditions were also conducive to the development of the tea industry.

Song Dynasty: Making tea 1000 years ago

The improvement of skills; the emphasis on water quality; the acquisition of tea fighting.

Yuan Dynasty: 700 years ago, loose tea was made, fried and slightly steamed.

Ming Dynasty: More than 600 years ago, the crafts of yellow tea, black tea and scented tea were formed one after another.

Qing Dynasty: 300 years ago, Chinese tea was popular all over the world, and it was the only tea market in the world. At that time, only China was the only exporter of tea.

Modern times: 1846-1886 was the prosperous period of Chinese tea (tea garden area continued to expand, tea production increased rapidly, which effectively promoted the development of foreign trade); 1886-1947 was the period of decline of Chinese tea production, 1950-1988 was the recovery and development period of China's tea production. With the support and attention of the government, the old tea gardens were vigorously restored, new tea gardens were established, new varieties were improved, and scientific tea cultivation was promoted. The tea economy was on the road to stable development. The production of tea ranks second in the world.

After the founding of new China, our government attaches great importance to the tea industry.  On November 23, 1949, the China Tea Industry Company, which was in charge of tea industry affairs, was established.  Since then, tea has developed vigorously in many aspects such as production, processing, trade, and culture.

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