Black tea brewing method and time

Black tea is one of the six major tea categories in my country. It is a fully fermented tea variety. After brewing, the tea leaves and tea soup are red. It smells fruity or floral, and tastes mellow when you eat it. So what is the brewing method and time of black tea? Let the editor give you a detailed introduction below.

Black tea brewing method and time

1. Warm cup

When brewing black tea, a special tea set is generally selected, or a white porcelain cover bowl or glass cup can be used instead. After selecting a suitable tea set, blanch the tea set with boiled hot water, pour the hot water into it, and pour it out in about 3 seconds. Drain the water in the tea set, take out the black tea according to the ratio of 1:20 or 1:30, put it into the brewed tea set and shake it gently so that the tea leaves are in contact with the warm inner wall.

2. Water injection

After the black tea leaves are in full contact with the inside of the tea set, slowly pour hot water along the edge. The water injection height should not be too low, but it should not be directly injected with high-flushing water. It is best to inject clockwise along the tea set. The tea leaves can be fully contacted with hot water, which is beneficial to stimulate the tea aroma of the tea leaves, so that the substances in the tea can be better precipitated, and the taste of the tea soup will be more intense.

3. Out of soup

After pouring hot water, cover the lid and wait for the aroma of the tea to overflow, which means that the tea leaves are out of soup. Pour the tea soup into the fair bowl, and then divide the tea from the fair bowl into the set tea cups. When distributing tea, ensure that each tea cup contains The tea soup is seven points full, neither too much nor too little. Before drinking tea, you should observe the color of the tea soup, smell the fragrance of the tea, and finally drink it.

4.Brewing time

The taste of black tea soup is related to the brewing time. Controlling the brewing time is the key to mastering the taste of the tea soup. The first brew is generally controlled within 5 seconds, and the second and third brews should be brewed as soon as possible. Steeping will make the tea soup bitter. Starting from the fourth brew, you can extend the soup time by 5-10 seconds, which is mainly determined by personal taste.

What is the best temperature for brewing black tea?

Black tea is a fully fermented tea variety. The water temperature during brewing is related to the quality of the tea leaves. If there are many broken teas in the tea leaves, it is best to brew with hot water between 90-95 degrees. If it is the best black tea, it is best to use 85- The water temperature of 90 degrees is used for brewing, while the black tea made from wild ancient tree tea can be brewed directly with boiling water of 100 degrees.

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