10 taboos of drinking black tea

Some people like to drink black tea, but do not know how to drink it healthily. There are many benefits of black tea, but there are also many taboos. Ten taboos of drinking black tea, you have to read.

Taboo people who drink black tea:

1. People who are taking medicine. Black tea will destroy the efficacy of the medicine.

2. People with hot stomach. Because black tea is a warm tea, it has the effect of warming the stomach.

3. People with stones and tumors. Stone patients are generally not allowed to drink black tea.

4. Pregnant women, because the caffeine in black tea will increase the load on the heart and kidneys of pregnant women, which will cause discomfort to pregnant women.

5. People with anemia, mental weakness and insomnia. The refreshing effect of black tea can make their insomnia worse.

6. Menopausal women, because the tea polyphenols in black tea may cause rapid heartbeat and poor sleep quality during menopause.

7. For lactating women, because the tannic acid in black tea affects the blood circulation of the mammary gland, it will inhibit the secretion of milk and affect the quality of breastfeeding.

8. Menstrual women, because menstruation will consume a lot of iron in the body, the tannic acid in black tea will hinder the body's absorption of iron in food.
9. People with thick tongue, bad breath, people who are prone to acne, and people with red eyes. Black tea is "hot", and people who are afraid of getting angry should not drink black tea.

10. People who are usually emotionally excited or sensitive, have poor sleep conditions and are physically weak. Because black tea has a very good refreshing effect.

Other taboos for drinking black tea:

1. Drink strong tea: Strong tea contains a lot of caffeine and theophylline, which is very stimulating and can easily cause headache and insomnia.

2. Drinking tea on an empty stomach: Drinking tea on an empty stomach, the nature of tea enters the lungs, and it will cool the spleen and stomach, which is equivalent to "bringing wolves into the room". There is a saying in China that "do not drink hollow tea" since ancient times.

3. Hot tea: Black tea that is too hot is highly irritating to the throat, esophagus and stomach. If you drink too hot tea for a long time, it may cause lesions of these organs.

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