10 Features of Black Tea

Although the Chinese name of black tea has red in it, the English name is indeed Black tea. This is because hundreds of years ago, the British liked to drink black tea, and the black tea that flowed into the UK was mainly Wuyi tea. People call it "Black tea", which has been followed to this day. So what are the main characteristics of black tea?

1. Tea production season: For example: Dianhong is picked from March to November every year, mostly in spring and summer.

2. Raw materials: usually pick one bud, two leaves to three leaves, and the leaves should be the same age and tenderness.

3. The main processing technology: tea green→withering→kneading→wo red→drying→maocha.

4. Appearance color: dry tea is dark reddish-brown, the bud head is golden yellow, multi-millimeter, and the shape is mostly strip and granular.

5. The color of the tea soup: red and bright.

6. Aroma and taste: There are floral, honey, flower and fruit, sweet, caramel, etc., with a mellow and slightly astringent taste.

7. Tea properties: mild and less stimulating to human body.

8. Suitable for the crowd: the elderly, women and people with weak stomach.

9. Main effects: Helps gastrointestinal digestion, promotes appetite, nourishes the stomach and protects the stomach, refreshes the mind and relieves fatigue, generates fluid and clears heat, diuresis, anti-inflammatory and sterilization, strengthens bones, anti-aging, dilates blood vessels, etc.

10. Black tea is not suitable for people: stone patients, tumor patients, anemia, mentally weak, insomnia, people with stomach heat, people who are afraid of getting angry, and women during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause

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