Why do you choose thickened Pyretic glass teapot smoke grey teapot electric ceramic stove home cooking teapot tea separation tea tea tea

Material quality:

Thickened heat-resistant glass: This glass has good heat resistance, can withstand high temperatures, is safer when used, and is not easy to break, and has strong durability.
High borosilicate glass: not only heat resistant, but also can be quickly converted between cold water and hot water, not easy to break, increasing the safety and reliability of use.
Beautiful design:

Smoky gray appearance: Smoky gray adds a sense of fashion and modernity to the teapot, and can be well integrated into a variety of home styles.
Octagonal exquisite design: The unique octagonal design makes the teapot more visually layered and artistic, suitable for decoration in the home.
Various functions:

Tea separation: The built-in tea separation function can effectively avoid the bitter taste caused by long-term tea soaking, ensuring that each cup of tea reaches the best taste.
Electric ceramic furnace heating: equipped with electric ceramic furnace, heating is convenient and fast, you can cook water and make tea anytime and anywhere, suitable for modern fast-paced life.
Strong practicability:

Multi-functional use: In addition to making tea, it can also be used to cook flower tea, fruit tea, cold water, etc., a pot of multi-purpose to meet the needs of various drinks in the family.
Suitable for home use: Whether it is a family gathering or daily drinking, it can provide a convenient tea brewing experience.
Easy to clean:

Glass material: Transparent glass makes it easier to clean the inside of the teapot, you can see the internal situation intuitively, easy to clean and maintain.
Health and Environmental protection:

Bamboo cover design: Natural bamboo cover environmental protection and health, avoiding the use of plastic cover may bring health risks.
In general, this thickened pyretic glass teapot smoke gray teapot electric ceramic oven home cooking teapot tea separation tea kettle set beautiful, practical, multi-functional in one, can meet the needs of modern families for high-quality tea sets, so it is favored by everyone.

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