The RORA glass teapot is an elegant solution for the task of making tea. Combining beauty, functionality, and affordability, we’ve brought together everything we know about exceptional design to present a useful, delightful, and long-lasting teapot. 

Premium quality features of the RORA include, Magnetic automatic water dispenser, extra-thick yet lightweight borosilicate glass construction, removable stainless infuser, and an attached lid that remains secure for serving.  

With its crystal clear design, the RORA is ideal for use with loose leaf teas or flowering teas. You can also use the RORA to create delicious, healthy fruit waters. The RORA glass teapot makes a perfect gift for everyone on your gift list. 


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Traditionally, a tea pet is placed on a tray during tea time. As you enjoy your tea, you pour a bit over your tea pet. Over time, you will be able to look at your tea pet and see how the color and scent has changed. Your pet can be a reminder of all the wonderful cups of tea you enjoyed.